We guarantee you will leave smiling !

Dear Brian,

Just wanted to let you know how thankful we are that we were able to purchase Dozer from you. He has been such a joy to own. He is a very smart, playful, and a mischevious pup. I have started training him for hunting and he is doing quite well. He has been introduced to live birds and looks like he has been hunting for years. He has no fear of the shotgun and actually whenever he sees a gun he knows its time to go to the woods. I cant wait to take him hunting in the fall. We are still working on his commands and walking on a leash. He also loves playing in the nearby lake. Hopefully this fall i can send you some more photos of Dozer from his first successful hunt. Again thank you for allowing me to purchase Dozer. He has been a perfect addition to our family. Thanks again, Tim

Brian- Been meaning to send you a picture of the dogs for a long time. Lexi (on the right) is 2 and Molly is 7 months. They are great dogs and as you might imagine, are best buddies. Hope you are well.

Just wanted to let you know that Baylee is doing very well! She is such a joy to have. She is so smart already learning sit, shake, stay, & fetch. I definitely think the indoor/outdoor area where you raised them helped to make potty training her so much easier. She has been great.

Thanks again!

Beautiful puppy. Very intelligent. Grasped the "COME" command in one day. She now sits on command and understands "down" as well.Crate training with no difficulty at all. Spends her time learning from my 6 yr old Black Lab. Looking forward to hunting her together with my black lab in the fall. Just wanted to thank you for breeding excellent, intelligent dogs at a reasonable price

Harley has been an amazing dog and my best friend from the first day that he came home with me. Harley has a personality like no other dog that I have ever had before. He is truly amazing and makes me laugh all the time. I cannot thank you enough for Harley.

Hi Brian: Just wanted you to see Bella and let you know that she is beautiful and a very smart dog. After our friend saw Bella, and saw how well she respondes to commands, she immediately talked to three people who are interested in yellow labs for the spring. I would love to pass on your name. Many thanks for giving us such a wonderful companion.

We got duke a year ago from you and he is the best dog! He weighs 100lbs in one year! He is very intelligent, fun and very loving! We want to thank you for giving us such a great four legged son! He is great with our two nephews! I could not ask for a better companion! Thank you so much!

Tim and Kristen

Ps. We have recommended your puppies to everyone in the neighborhood!

"Maya the therapy dog!" This dog is amazing. At 13 weeks old she is obediently and patiently sitting on Erhard's lap in his Geriatric Chair as I roll them once around the building outside...I could have not asked for a better dog.

"We can not thank you enough for the new member of our family! Caesar is a delight and loves chewing everything. We are finding Christmas tree limbs all over the house! :) He is now 4 months old and weighs just over 40lbs. I wanted a big dog & it loooks like I am gonna get one! My children loved picking him out for me & love him as much as I do! Thanks!"

"We have one of you puppies that we got from you 2 yrs ago this coming April. We named him William. He was the last in the litter and my husband, son and daughter came out one weekend and purchased him from you. We were recommended to you when they purchased their dog "Chase" from you a month earlier. I thought you would like to see some pictures of him. He is the BEST dog we could have ever asked for. He has been and is always so well behaved and obedient. Thanks for him!"

"We wanted to check in and let you know that Lucy is sucha great girl! Very well mannered, intelligent, and good behavior!

She is really the sweetest lab puppy I've ever had, and we're so thankful! She does very well in the crate, from 10 to 5 or 6 each morning, and most days are dry when I come home at lunch. We couldn't ask for a nicer girl to be a part of our family!

We have run and play in the back yard when weather permits, and we're starting a few minutes of off, and ouch training too each day. She's doing very well!"